Hi. I’m Fabricia. As I began to journey down the path of parenthood, pretty soon I started to learn all kinds of wonderful (and eye opening!) new things, like just how excited kids get about their birthday parties. They talk about it all year around. It always seems like such a fun idea, until the reality of party planning began in earnest. And what should be a highlight of the year can turn into a stressful event.

Kids are so vocal about their preferences, and parents just want to deliver a memorable, fun and joyful celebration for them. Searching the web can be daunting, and good recommendations are hard to come by. Can we really trust those online reviews?

So the idea for Kids & Fun was born.

Our mission is to make life easy for UK parents and bring together all the support that you need to plan the perfect celebration for your child.

Face Painters? They’re here. Bouncy Castles?
Look no further. Disney Princesses? We have them all. Local to you, fully DBS checked, proven suppliers. We’re a safe pair of hands. Since we’re parents ourselves, we understand the importance of making sure the people and services you hire for your party are professional, safe and reliable.

When it comes to parties, kids know what they want.

Now, parents know where they can go to find it.

Welcome to Kids & Fun!

Whatever the occasion, when it comes to children’s parties, we’ve got you covered.

Magical memories. Stress free celebrations. Fun for everyone.

Fabricia Watson


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